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When a book is not a book

  以視覺錯效(Optical Illusion)的設計而聞名的日本設計大師福田繁雄曾說:「我所創作的事物,都是透過感覺來予以認識,無論老少都可以看得懂,因為這些表現實在與知識無關,完全只是視覺性的!」 2011年,瑞士藝術書籍出版商Lars Müller Publishers獨具慧眼,選中日本設計師倉嶌隆広,首次為他發行視覺錯效作品《Poemotion》。此書一出,大獲業界好評,同年更被評選為「The Most Beautiful Swiss Book 2011」書籍之一。 Read more


Goodforks Fruit Images by Marion Luttenberger

Marion Luttenberger and a friend had the pleasure to produce a series of fruit images for Goodforks, a Vancouver, Canada based company. Goodforks is focused on the authenticity and transparency of food markets. The series includes processed images of fruit differently arranged and presented.